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Saturday, 06 September 2008 13:38
Late summer in the Garden

September in the garden - a time of great beauty and bounty. Tomatoes hit their peak with herbs and pears.. Yet, it's tinged with sadness because fall is coming (great for lettuce and kale) but then winter. The shadows grow long and no more farmer's market here.. I feel like Persephone, sentenced to cold misery for half the year... Wow that's almost a poem.

Yup, all this "grow your own" stuff used to have a different meaning...and checking out the ole hydroponics stuff - it was expensive and seemed geared to growing of a more shall we say "medicinal" type of herb....But I am stuck on fresh eating. It is addicting, eating things within minutes of picking.. I'm not taking this lying down, so stay tuned to this page for info on how I'm going to keep growing some edibles during the winter, besides the orchid madness in the bay window that faces south east....

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