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Sunday, 10 April 2016 12:24

It's April and the daylight is lasting longer. Now is the time for seed catalogs and planning for the warmer weather. It's a good idea to review what worked in the garden last season and what didn't. Maybe there just wasn't enough light for a decent tomato crop but the greens and herbs worked out nicely. Were there problems with the squash or cucumbers and pests or blight? Look for varieties that are hardier. Were you running constantly to water the lettuce due to lack of rain? Try growing the darker greens like Kale, Chard, Baby Bok Choi, Tat Soi or Spinach. They stand up better to heat and lack of rainfall and as an added plus, they have more vitamins.

If you are in an urban environment with limited light exposure think of growing more herbs and greens rather than tomatoes and peppers which require a lot of light and heat to flourish. Smaller varieties suited to containers tend to do better in urban environments (balconies, window boxes, fence boxes, etc.) when there is less light and heat. Choose varieties suited to the container size. In other words, don't try to grow beefsteak tomatoes in small pots with limited light and soil. A Cherry tomato would be a better choice. There are many varieties of smaller veggies. Try Baby Bok Choi, Cherry tomatoes, small hot peppers and small radishes. Small is better for container gardens whether pots, fence boxes or raised bed boxes.

Below are some good sources for finding containers, seeds, soil and accessories:
Home Depot stocks seed starting kits, soil and seeds.
Gardener's Supply.com has a wide variety of gardening equipment.
Amazon.com is a good source gardening accessories and supplies.
Aerogarden.com is wonderful for indoor growing and seed starting
HeirloomSeeds.com has tons of seeds for you to try.
www.kitazawaseed.com is great for Asian vegetables greens and herbs
www.reneesgarden.com is another great source for organic seeds.

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