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Wednesday, 25 November 2009 14:59
November tomatoes

Gardening outside is winding down. The last of the tomatoes and peppers are pictured here. Hmm, it's almost Thanksgiving and they were still going! This was not a good year for the hot weather vegetables like tomatoes and peppers...they need a steady stream of hot weather, sun and rain...The tomatoes will go into brown paper bags. Don't know why, but this seems to be the way they ripen best. Alas, we had a pretty cool summer and at some points a lot of rain. Come to think of it, it wasn' t all that great for beach weather either. I did notice a few more honeybees, a lot more moths, mosquitoes and fewer birds here.

Anyway, here on the cliff looking out on Manhattan, we did have a good year for greens, (mesclun mix, leaf lettuce), pears, pole beans, beet greens, herbs, cherry tomatoes and radish. I pulled a bunch of radish out of the square foot gardening box last week that were the size of beets or turnips. We're still enjoying them in salads.


The marigolds, yellow orange and French are putting on a show. They match the light that seems so much more golden in the fall. Zinnias still look lit from within... of all the flowers this summer, they seemed to do the best

Next time, indoor garden's progress and seed saving.
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photo: Jeannie Cote


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