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Thursday, 11 December 2008 17:46

The shot above is of the bay window. The garden has moved inside... There are now multiple spikes on the white, pink and spotted phalenopsi...along with a purple dendrobium. They should be blooming at about New Year's time. Below is a pic of some of the orchids. Really is a mood uplifter to have flowers starting at the same time winter is usually throwing its worst at us. -- Forced bulbs like amarylli and narcissus are great for winter blooming too.

On the indoor growing front, the tomatoes started in the homemade aeroponics unit have been tranferred to pots under a grow light. Word has it the pro version of the aerogarden with a trellis system is going to land here in the next day or so. Can't wait! Another planting of salad greens is going into the classic model of the Aerogarden. The goal is growing a salad and herbs here. Not a big goal and some might say expensive, but the electric usage on the garden is compensated for by turning off the tv, lighting that is not necessary and turning down the thermostat.

On my homemade unit, for the pods, I tried some polyester fiber for aquarium filters and the roots poked thru just fine. Well look at plant roots going through concrete outside - these guys are DETERMINED. They also seemed to penetrate and create a broader root "base". The homemade unit seems best for starting plants at this point, though it may be better for salad greens than a plant with heavy fruits (tomato, pepper). I'll give the salad stuff a try too.

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