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July in My City Garden PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 17 July 2010 11:01

Summer has heated up with record temperatures so far. Plants like tomatoes and peppers really thrive in the heat as long as there is sufficient rainfall/watering. The greens and flowers are not so thrilled. Below is a shot of the 4th of July Tomatoes (from Burpee). They are compact and ripen quickly. They are pretty tasty too - we've enjoyed them with the basil as a topping for pasta.

4th of July tomatoesThe pear tree has gone completely crazy with pears this year. Guess the timing with the bees and the frost ending was in sync. The poor apricot put out a few delicious fruits but a cold snap in March ended most of the blossoms. The pear tree is pictured below.

Pear Tree

Here is a view of the garden that includes the tub garden with water lillies surrounded by zinnias and some pansies.

Garden with tub garden
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Happy Summer PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 21 June 2010 07:23
Large White Water Lilly

As if to say Welcome Summer, this lilly was the first in the tub garden. Trapdoor snails and anachris complete the tub along with a small umbrella palm (watch out they really spread!!) and another water lilly. Might find a few guppies to add in here too.

Dwarf Pear

The pear tree that produces such wonderful fruit. We've got a lot of fruit developing this year. The apricot did not fare as well -- it was hit by frost at the wrong time.


Here is a parting shot of one of my favorite flowers...the wonderful, humble daisy. Just love seeing them bending in the breeze...

photos: C. Nissen

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Early June in the Garden PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 03 June 2010 10:16

Ah, the not so lazy, hazy, crazy days of almost summer...Clematis and honeysuckle are already on the wane... We have loved the scent of the honeysuckle, especially in the morning and in the early evening... it is just one of the best scents in flowerland. Honeysuckle vine is pictured below where it spills over a trellis that it shares with a grape vine.

Honeysuckle Vine

A first harvest of berries. These are grown in containers. There are two blueberriy plants and about 5 large pots of strawberries between the yard and the stoop. Try to utilize every square foot in an urban area. Stairs, stoops, window boxes and fences are great additional space opportunities...

Sping Berries

Sometimes, people say, "but you are only growning handfuls of food!" Have they looked in some of leading restaurants lately? You almost never get the whopping portions that we as Americans have become accustomed to. Americans have to adjust their menus and portion sizes and the obesity rates are proof of that. No, I'm not growing truckloads, but for 2-3 people I do produce enough to have salads and stuff like berries, pears, grapes to augment the meals. Best part is, we know that there are no chemicals or other bad things on the food.

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Late Spring in the Urban Garden PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 23 May 2010 11:16

We've progressed into late spring. Time for the next shift of flowers, etc. after the reign of tulips, bulbs, tree blossoms, etc. The various containers are all planted now with everything from peas to strawberries and greens. We try to utilize every available square inch and make it productive. If not an edible, then an ornamental. The biggest space is the 6ft by 4ft by 10" box. This year, I've pledged to keep it for edibles.... but there are a lot of the beaufiful zinnias from last year starting to pop up at one end... oh well, might have to move 'em but might not...


Marauding groundhogs (or marmots, not sure), skunks, squirrels (and their babies) had their eyes (and paws) in the square foot garden box last year. This year I acquired some green coated flexible wire fencing for the perimeter and kept the deer netting (which can be rolled back) over the top. Who would believe this is necessary in an urban area like Jersey City?? Well, we do live on the beginnings of what becomes the Palisades Cliffs.

Stair wall garden

Pictured above are the stair side garden and a clematis vine that climbs at the front of our stairs.

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Changing Tulip PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 24 April 2010 07:17
Changing Tulip

Here is the red and white tulip pictured below as it is a week later. The colors have changed to a more bright pink and have spread on the petals... There are water lillies that do this, but this is the first time I've seen it in a tulip.

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