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Finally, Spring is here PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 14 April 2010 12:59
Dwarf Pear Blossoms

Spring at last. A few days more like July, but now we're back to what's more normal for this time of year. The tulips, narcissus and grape hyacinths have rebounded and are waving in the breeze again. The apricot has already shed its blossoms and now the dwarf pear has put on its lacy dress of blooms...(pictured above). This pear tree is amazing in the amount of fruit it puts out in our small urban yard. The pears are like bartlett pears, sweet and smooth.

It's still a little cool out and the residents of the coldframe that lived out all winter are doing fine. Plenty of beets, some arugula. The strawberries, lavender and columbine were transplanted to large pots and are progressing nicely. The deer netting is to keep the neighborhood cats, etc. out until it is fully planted and wood dividers put in. There are tomato, greens and herb plants waiting in the wings for slighly warmer weather. I've always advocated the growing of salad veggies in a small space even in an urban area like Jersey City or NYC. You can do it entirely in pots on stairs, fence boxes or window boxes too. Space is always hard to find in cities but it doesn't mean you can't grow things.

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Orchids in the Morning PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 02 April 2010 07:10
Orchids in bloom

This plant has been with me for eight years! It usually blooms twice a year. With care, orchids can last a long time. Paying 20.00 or so for a plant pays off with years of blooms with proper care. Part of the success for these plants has to do with the right light. I believe my east/south east window is a key factor. The light is good in the winter and in the summer the sun shines in in the morning but the plants are spared the hottest part of the sunlight mid-day.

Cherry Tomato Salad PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 01 March 2010 11:34

Cherry Tomato Salad

Here's the latest harvest from the indoor salad growing exploits... These cherry tomatoes are just the best when harvested right before eating. The salad greens are on the wane now, so a new planting will be started in the Aerogarden this week. Nothing like a little color on the table in the dead of winter.

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The state of the Bay Window PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 16 February 2010 16:35
Orchids and Amaryllis

Winter in the Window

As you can see, I like to keep it summer ALL the time... The amaryllis both turned out to be red! Funny, I had a hibiscus patio plant that started out with peachy flowers and returned next season with red flowers. Anyway, two of the orchids are sitting in front of the Aerogardens... They had to be rescued from scale bugs. These are nasty little bugs that have to be removed by hand (unless you like spraying stuff that is usually not so good for you either). I have to check the orchids every week or so for these critters. Thing is, I don't know where they come from. I have a a few palms, bamboo, christmas cactus, jade plant, etc. but these bugs don't seem to bother them. They just seem to like orchid leaves. Maybe I'll try some homemade soap spray on them next.

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Indoor garden in winter PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 11 February 2010 17:19
Red Amaryllis

Here is one of the long-awaited Amarylli...Just as the weather is at its worst, it is nice to have some plants with color going inside. One of the amarylli finally bloomed. Surprise! It was red instead of the light peach I thought. Well, we've got another on the way that looks closer to the color I thought it would turn out.

yellow and red cherry tomatoes

We grow salads with 2 Aerogardens, (the classic and Pro 200). We've got mesclun greens and yellow and red cherry tomatoes going right now.

striped phaelenopsis

The striped phaelenopsis (pink) returned with its usually lovely and long lasting blooms. I find that the spaghum moss works better for these phaelenopsi, Dendrobiums like things dryer for their feet, hence wood chips work well for them.

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