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Friday, 01 August 2008 07:45

There is an old saying. "Eat deep in the season". What it means is, eat the food that is currently ripe and available. This is what great eating from Farmer's Markets is about. Trying to eat corn, peaches and tomatoes in January is a problem, they are never as good as in the summer. . Of course, once in a while a special treat out of season is fine (rasberries or strawberry shortcake).

Part of what is nice about having seasons is that there are different things available. Vacationing down on the Jersey Shore as a child, one of the things I liked best was great produce and fruit. Nothing can beat corn, tomatoes and peaches grown nearby. (ie, not gassed, refrigerated, etc.). I have invested in some indoor gardening tools, like the Aerogarden. I am aiming growing my salad fixings, small tomatoes and herbs all year long. It's a small step, growing a salad and one vegetable, but it is within reach even in urban areas. Of course, lots of space helps. I know a gardener who has half an acre and can grow just about all she needs.

However, a small space should not discourage urban dwellers from trying to use whatever space they have. Containers, aerponics, very small plot techniques, etc. can be used to grow food. Right now I use a combination of small plot, containers, aeroponics and patronizing farmer's markets. When you realize that during WWII the victory gardens produced (by one report) 40% of the vegetables consumed, it's an idea whose time has come again. Growing your own greens, herbs and tomatoes allows you to eat deep in the season all the time.

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