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Sunday, 05 November 2017 14:00
Here's one of the latest harvests:

Now that fall is here, the garden is closed down but there are still some herbs that can be grown inside to spice up your menu. Some herbs are better than others for winter indoor growing. Basil is an herb that needs direct sunlight. Grown inside it becomes leggy and the leaves don't have as much color or taste. It would probably work with a grow light, but like tomatoes it really seems to need the full spectrum of sunlight and heat.

Rosemary is an herb that starts to resemble a small bush as it grows larger. It does well in the full sun of a window. The leaves are like pine needles which may be why they retain their color and fragrance even when grown inside. When the plant puts out pretty little lavender/blue flowers it looks like a small flowering bush. It's a good choice for garnishing chicken, beef, lamb or fish. Adding a sprig of rosemary to a bottle of olive oil will lend the flavor of the rosemary to the oil over time.

Chives seem to grow well just about anywhere. They are a good choice to grow in a sunny kitchen window. They can be picked to add to foods as a garnish when you don't want to use onions. They are milder and add some green color to eggs, salads and vegetables.

Sage is another candidate for growing inside, but it needs the strongest sun you can find. The leaves are pebble textured and need to be trimmed to keep the plant healthy or the plant can grow leggy. Make sure not to over water it. Sage works well with pork, chicken, stuffing and as an antibacterial tea with honey.

These are few of the herbs that can be grown inside in the winter. The benefits of growing herbs inside include freshness, flavor and being organically grown because you don't have to fight with the usual pests in the winter. A sunny window, soil, nutrient and water are all you need to get started.

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