Frontlines of the Food Fight Print
Sunday, 30 November 2008 09:27
NATIONAL FOOD FIGHT - This was on PBS this past Friday. It's worth watching. Mr.Pollan wrote the book "In Defense of Food" "Omnivores Dilemma". He and Bill Moyers talked about the government and its role in agriculture, sustainability, local growing and how our energy use, our health and even security is affected by our agricultural system. Moyers had a short film about a community garden in East NY and its impact on the community. I believe this show is repeated but couldn't find the repeat date, so go here to see National Food Fight - Find the Food Fight. It's worth watching.
Here's a quote from Mr. Pollan: “Vote with your fork, for a different kind of food. Go to the farmer's market. Get out of the supermarket… Plant a garden…. Declare your independence from the culture of fast food.”
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