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Saturday, 01 October 2011 08:32

Urban Grotto Garden
As the summer draws to a close, I'm spending as much time outside as possible. Soon it will be time to plant the bulbs for next spring. Another idea is to start planning ideas for next spring. If you are a city dweller and are starved for some green, take a good look at what space you do have. We've built a sort of urban grotto/patio in front of our urban row house. When we bought our place the front yard was a grass and glass strewn hump of land. We cleared the bushes and weeds out of the area next to our stoop and put a bench under the grape arbor we put in. We put in slate and created a little path and this mini patio. A climbing honeysuckle vine and Asian Lilac make it is pretty private. With the addition of a water garden and a fountain, you’ve got a formula for urban serenity.

With a sharp eye, survey your urban space and you might be able to carve out your own little quiet spot. Try putting up a lattice against a bare wall and hanging pots of flowers, small veggies or herbs. You could move or consolidate trash cans and yard tools into a storage container thus turning what had been an eyesore into space you can reclaim for yourself. If you've got a balcony check out or to see some ideas on what can be done with a balcony. Check out the links page here for links to more urban garden space ideas.

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