Before the Blizzard Print
Tuesday, 08 November 2011 09:07

Before winter's little "visit" on October 29th, the garden was still rockin'. Here is a shot of veggies I harvested because a little bird told me it was going to snow and possibly freeze. I tried to harvest a lot of the flowers while leaving some zinnias (part of the sunflower family) for the warblers and small finches. My Filipino neighbors love sweet pepper leaves. They got the harvest of those and they put them into soups and meat dishes. I'll have to try this sometime. Right now the Kale and Chard are still standing with a little lettuce. These plants do well in the cold and even snow as long as it's not a hard freeze.
Peppers and tomatoes

I never take winter lying down so next week I'll show you some pix of the indoor garden along with the aerogardens that were started up a few weeks ago. It's also time to turn the square foot garden box into a cold frame by using some translucent heavy gauge plastic.

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