December has arrived Print
Saturday, 03 December 2011 08:45

This week's harvest. Pictured are Swiss Chard, Parsley, jalapeno and tomato that were still going as of this week. It is December and we've had a snowstorm but not a hard freeze. I suspect the reprieve from winter will be over soon...

Preparations for the coldframe are almost complete. Blueberries, columbine, lavender and a neighbor's echinacea are sitting in the square foot box and new tulip bulbs are planted outside it. The square foot box will be turned into a coldframe with the addition of some translucent heavy gauge plastic. This year I am using bricks to hold the plastic down. This will lead to better access to some of the plants (tomato and garlic chive) that are still growing in there along with the pots of perinneals. We found that stapling the plastic made it harder to get in and ripped the plastic.The kale and lettuce are ok for the time being unless a hard freeze comes to town.

December is upon us...
Gathering seeds outside.
The cold scythe of winter
has not yet arrived
C Nissen

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