June at Last Print
Tuesday, 09 June 2020 08:07

Finally good garden weather. Damp days are not good for gardening and can spread various bacteria, virus, molds and fungus around. Dry with rain at night is the best after the sun is up and things dry out. More fencing is needed as animals displaced are foraging in backyards and gardens. With a close view of the World Trade Center we have skunks (love digging bulbs and for bugs), racoons (love tearing up the tub gardens looking for clams, crayfish, etc), squirrels (love burying things like dinner rolls in pots and boxes), ground hogs, (love chewing the tender tops off sunflowers and other flowers...) and and various birds (love pecking fruits like pears, peaches and apricot so they fall to the ground useless).

It's a wonder anything survives at all... Here are a few views of what's going on.

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