June 29th in my city garden Print
Monday, 29 June 2020 15:34

Growing Season is in full swing here...
This year's crop includes Tiny Thai Hot Peppers, Zebra tomatoes (these are the best tasting!), Golden Cherry Tomatoes (also very tasty) and Tiny Bell Peppers. We have lots of basil and a second crop of greens like Pak Choy, Tiny Napa Cabbage, Mesclun Mix and Cilantro starting. The peas gave a good crop but are slowed down and probably over due to the heat.

This year there are 3 kinds of water lilies; Tiny Yellow Helvola, White and a Peach variety that haven't bloomed yet. Trying out growing mini Lotus, but it is slow growing.
Here are some pix of what's growing now:

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