Aeroponics Print

The word aeroponic is derived from the Latin meanings of 'aero' (air) and 'ponic' (work). Aeroponics uses air and water with nutrient for the growing of plants. Instead of being in soil the roots are suspended in the air with water sprayed or running over them. You can buy a unit that is commercially produced or make one yourself out of materials from aquarium and gardening equipment suppliers.

This method of growing works great inside in the kitchen, in the living room, where ever you have the room. The root systems are really strong on these plants cause they aren't battling the usual culprits of viruses, bacteria, fungus and insects. We started cherry tomatoes and transplanted them outside when it was warm enough. They grew well into the first frost and had almost no problems.

We will be publishing more articles of interest to aeroponic gardeners here. You can also visit AeroGarden for more info on a self contained unit that works really well.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 September 2008 07:55