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Sunday, 06 February 2011 08:42
This item was tabled by the city council, however it bears repeating that Jersey City is NOT just made up of the waterfront luxury buildings and brownstones downtown. There are huge areas of the city that have substantial yards especially in Greenville and the Heights section. It is time for our politicians to wake up to fhe fact that Jersey CIty is not just commuters to Manhattan who reside downtown. Many of us dont live "downtown", work here and want the quality of our lives improved. And if that means gardens and raising bees or chickens if there is enough land, that's what it means. Here is the item: "The council is scheduled to introduce an ordinance this week to loosen restrictions for residents who want to own chickens. The measure would also encourage the growth of bee colonies. "We would really like to see what the future of urban agriculture is in Jersey City," City Planner Tanya Marione-Stanton said Friday, adding that the proposal is part of an effort to give Jersey City a greener feel. Current zoning rules permit residents to keep fewer than 50 chickens no less than 25 feet away from any structure used for human habitation. Although it's "one of the most lenient chicken laws" in the state, according to Marione-Stanton, the city wants to make it even easier to keep and raise the little cluckers. The proposed revision would allow residents to keep up to seven chickens within 25 feet of a neighbor's property as long as the neighbor signs an affidavit of consent. Anyone wishing to house eight to 20 chickens would have to keep them 40 feet away from neighbors. Residents who keep fewer than eight chickens would be allowed to kill and sell the occasional fowl, Marione-Stanton said. Persons who keep eight or more chickens and regularly slaughter or sell them would have to register as a business. There's also no need to fret about having two-legged alarm clocks in the neighborhood. Roosters, the noisy males, are prohibited. As for bees, Marione-Stanton said many city beekeepers believe beekeeping is illegal in Jersey City, and she wants to dispel that myth." Thanks for introducing this Tanya.
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