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Sunday, 26 May 2013 13:34

The weather is definitely getting more unpredictable around here. One day I'm sweating and wearing shorts, the next I'm back in my winter coat! If I'm not happy with this I don't think some of the plants in my garden are either. I noticed that seeds were slow to germinate, probably because of the colder temperatures. Fortunately, we did get lots of rain. The plants prefer rain water over the chlorinated water from the hose or tap. The lettuce, radish and peas are all doing well with the colder temps. The two container blueberry plants are producing lots of berries which I am hoping the greedy mockingbird doesn't find before we get to them. The blueberries liked spending the winter outside and produced lots of flowers and the bumblebees couldn't seem to get enough of them. The poor tomatoes, apricots and basil are not thriving in this cold. Seeing your breath in the cold on Memorial Day weekend is kinda odd. Next time I'll cover the flowers here in the city garden. Pictured below is the tiny garden's progress...

spring cherry tomato

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photo: Jeannie Cote


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