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Saturday, 05 June 2010 08:58

Thank you Bethe Schwartz of JCGC for finding these. Here are a few more listed for 2010.

    Newport Mall Farmer's Mkt
    Courtyd area outside of Pay/Half on the Mall's 1st flr
    Ju 1 - thru Aug, Tues 12Noon - 7PM
    AND two new additions:
    Paulus Hook Farmer's Mkt
    Washington south of Dudley
    Ju 5 - Dec 19, Sat 11AM - 4PM
    Sussex Street Farmer's Mkt
    Sussex east of Hudson (right by the river)
    Ju 8 - Dec 21, Tues 12Noon - 7PM

See the Farmer's Market Menu listing for addtional locations and times.