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Thursday, 13 November 2008 15:27

From Consumers Union:
In partnership with the Eat Well GuideĀ®, an easy online tool to find fresh, locally grown food in your area, we've issued the Thanksgiving Local and Organic Food Challenge!
Find at least one locally grown or organic ingredient for your coming Thanksgiving feast!

If you have tasted a home grown tomato, pulled an apple straight off the tree, or picked up pecans from a neighbor's yard, then you know why so many people are passionate about finding and eating locally grown food.

Buying local reduces your "carbon footprint." Your food hasn't been harvested prematurely and shipped thousands of miles. Organic farmers bring you foods grown more humanely and without chemicals or genetic modification. Here is the link to find locally grown food and products in your area:
Find Local Products

And here's a link to send your Thanksgiving recipe using locally grown indgredients: THE LOCAL FOOD CHALLENGE: ( Sponsored by eatwell.org and Consumers Union (NOTINMYFOOD.ORG)
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